Questions Every Christian School Must Ask

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Christian schooling: what an awesome opportunity and safer haven for Christian parents who are disgusted with what is being taught, or not taught, in public or government schools.  What a blessing Christian schooling is for parents who have aspirations of God’s will for their children, rather than simply educating them. What a wonderful option for obedient parents who take seriously God’s requirement of them to train their children in the discipline and admonition of the Lord.

While serving as a Christian school board member, I answered a wide range of questions from parents, teachers, and school staff.  I also had some questions of my own for the school administration. The answers to these questions eventually defined our school, and anyone involved in Christian schooling should take a serious look at each question:


  • Does your Christian school meet the expectations and requirements of those parents mentioned above?
  • Does your Christian school take seriously the responsibilities those parents are placing on you?
  • What standards are they evaluating your school against?
  • What standards does your school evaluate itself against?
  • From a business perspective, what “product” are you producing, what is the “quality” of your product,  and what is the “value” of your product?
  • What qualities does your Christian school have that will entice parents to choose to send their children to your school over another Christian school?
  • Does God give standards, requirements, or even guidelines for Christian schooling? What are they?
  • Does God’s Word have anything to say about any of the school subjects taught?
  • Does God have any standards, guidelines, or requirements for school administration, teachers, school policies, and discipline?
  • Does God give standards or advice on whom to hire as the school Administrator?
  • Does God have standards, guidelines, or requirements for students?
  • Does God even approve of Christian schools?

You will notice the word “standard” in many of those questions, and it is very important in Christian schooling to understand what that standard is.  From the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the meaning of the word “standard” is “something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example : something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value, or quality:”

I am sure you would agree that your Christian school was established by God’s authority. And, I certainly hope that the model or example used in its establishment was God’s Word, the Bible.  I also certainly expect that the standard now used by your Christian school as the rule of measure or evaluation, extent, value, and quality continues to be the Bible. Future posts in this blog will not only explain how, but also challenge your school to ensure and to improve the use of God’s Word in all aspects of schooling.

Asking questions is essential for growth, change for the better, or “keeping on the right track”, and of course, those must come with the right answers. First, the foundation for those answers must be set in place.  In the construction of a building, the foundation is the most important part of the successful structure, quality, effectiveness, and longevity of that building.  Equally important is the foundation of successful Christian schooling. Luke 6:48 is the well-known verse about building with a solid foundation on the rock.


The foundation of a building will only serve its purpose well if it has quality materials and workmanship.  Equally important is how sound the foundation is which results from the proper design taking into consideration the type and size of the structure and the surrounding environment.  Christian schooling must have a foundation also built on quality and soundness.

My next post will begin a four part series on how to have quality in your Christian schooling.

Then, will discuss the meaning of sound in Christian schooling.


Copyright 2012 by Kevin Brownlee

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