Essential Schooling Building Block #2: Christian Requirement

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I believe there are three basic and essential components or building blocks to achieving quality in a sound Christian school:

1.      Using the Bible in all aspects of education including evaluation, curriculum, policies, and administration.

2.      A true biblical Christian requirement of all school employees.

3.      What will be described as “the whole counsel of God.”

***This is the second in a series of three posts, where I will cover item #2 above***


Christian Requirement

The Christian school administration, teachers, all other staff members must be true biblical Christians.  That is, a person who has realized he (or she) is a sinner and that his sins have offended and ostracized him from a just God, he has understood that God requires payment for his sins, which is death.  But then understood that if he humbly comes before God and truly repents of his sins, confesses with his mouth that Jesus is Lord and that His work on the cross paid the penalty for his sins as God required, and has given his life to following and serving the risen Jesus, and there is fruit or evidence of that service, then he (or she) is what I call a true biblical Christian.

Beliefs of the school employees (administration, teachers, and staff) matter because those beliefs will carry through into their leadership, teaching, and handling of situations that arise such as discipline, policy writing and administering, and various other situations and decisions that come up with students, parents, or others.   When parents entrust their children to a Christian school, they assume the policies and the teaching will be based on the “common ground” of biblical standards and principles; they will also assume those leading the school, and teaching in the school, embrace that biblical standard wholeheartedly.  Please be aware that there are “nice” people and there are “moral” people who may appear to be true Christians but simply are not, so make sure each person has a salvation testimony and a personal relationship with Jesus.  To re-iterate, all employees of the school must be “on the same page”, and that “page” is the entire Word of God and obedience to it.  Non-Christians have no place teaching in a Christian school, therefore it should be completely understood, and agreed upon, that all employees of a Christian school are to be true biblical Christians, with a testimony of their salvation.

I think the “do not be unequally yoked” requirement of 2 Corinthians 6:14 has relevance here and certainly carries the same principle.  Whatever the situation, whatever the discussion, whatever the decision; all can find a point of reference, common ground, or foundation in the Bible.  And, since the Holy Spirit that indwells each true Christian is the same Holy Spirit that guided the writing of each word in the Bible, there is wonderful and awesome power in the Bible to base and guide each situation, discussion, or decision if true biblical Christians are involved.


Isaiah 33:6 is a great verse for the Christian school, it sums up very well the Christian requirement mentioned above:

“Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times, And the strength of salvation; The fear of the LORD is His treasure.”

  • The stability of your school is directly related to the biblical wisdom and biblical knowledge of your school’s administration, teachers, and staff. (Knowledge is things a person knows, wisdom is how to apply those things)
  • The salvation of all school employees is the strength of the school,
  • The fear of the Lord of your employees is God’s treasure in your school.

How does each employee compare to those three things?  Keep them in mind when interviewing people for positions in your school: The salvation, fear of the Lord, and biblical knowledge and wisdom of the candidate should be some of the major criteria of the interview and hiring decision.

Sound Christian schools have true biblical Christians as administrators, teachers, and staff.  The stability of the school depends on that requirement.


Copyright 2012  Kevin Brownlee

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