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March 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

Hello everyone, this post is a request for opinions and advice; it is your turn to say something.

I have been doing this blog now for almost 3 months, and am wondering how I can improve it, and more importantly, get people that are involved in Christian education to know about it.

There are around 3,000 Christian grade schools in the USA , around 2 million children in home schools now, and around 340 Christian colleges/Universities.  I am trying to think how people involved in those educational institutions can learn of, and have access to this blog.  So, I would really appreciate a little help, or advice. Here are a few questions to comment on, but please don’t feel you have to limit your comments to answering just them:

1) Does the site work?  I am somewhat new to WordPress, and have tried to learn how to use it, but any advice to change or improve this site will sure be appreciated.  I did purchase Standard Theme, and am thinking about dumping the theme I use now, and start fresh with something new and simpler using Standard Theme… what do you think?

2) How do I increase traffic?  How can I get more people in Christian education or home schooling to learn about this site.  For example, what internet sites do Teachers view that I could have a link so they would learn of this blog?  Sure, I could spend a lot of money on advertising and mailing, but I am doing this on no budget, so that’s not going to happen, unless I get a donation to do so.  Any advice would be nice.

3) Is the content relative to the site?  In my years involved in Christian education, and visiting Christian schools, and discussing issues with Christian school administrators and board members, I became painfully aware that several Christian schools have very little “Christian” in them.  They try so hard to attract students by emulating public schools with a Christian bent, that they compromise God’s principles and water down God’s requirements of what and how to teach.  So I am trying hard to blog about what the Bible says about training your children in the discipline and admonition of the Lord. To be obedient to God’s Word, the Authority. How does it seem that is going? What topics do you want me to cover? Are the topics I do cover relevant?  I have tons of material to blog about, but welcome suggestions too.

4) What qualities do you think make sound Christian schooling?  I have only given a few qualities so far in the blog, and there is a LOT more to come, but I would appreciate what you all think are the qualities of sound Christian education.

Please leave your comments, or e-mail them to me.  I really appreciate your help and advice. I want to make this blog honoring to God, as well as to those involved in Christian education and to parents.

Thank You!!!

~Kevin Brownlee


My next post will be Thursday, and will be on the Qualities and Requirements of Students.  You won’t want to miss it!

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