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The next several blogs will cover the qualities of Sound Leadership in a Christian school.

Having worked at several companies over the years, including 25 years at the same company which I eventually became a majority owner and General Manager, I have really noticed how there is a certain style, and even a personality, that the company seems to have.  That style and personality very closely resembles that of the leadership or person in charge.  Having also been involved in Christian schooling for about 12 years, I can say that remains true there also: the style and personality of a Christian school closely resembles the leadership of the school.

Style and personality are very important in the soundness of your school, and I want you to think about what your school’s style and personality is like.  If you were to poll several parents, asking them to describe the style and personality of the school, what would the answers be?  Maybe you should actually conduct that poll, and do it every several years or so.  A sound Christian school KNOWS exactly what their style and personality is. They also know what their style and personality SHOULD be, as a goal for their school, and purposefully works to attain that goal.

What are the style and personality traits of a sound Christian school?  As mentioned above, they are patterned after the leadership of the school.  The Administrator, Head Master, Principal, whatever your school leader is called, that is who to focus on here. (For this blog, I will use the term Administrator)  If your school has a Board of Directors, or Trustees, their style and personality is also applicable here as well, but quite often those folks are not directly involved in the daily managerial duties of running the school, so are not as imperative as the Administrator, the topic of focus here.

The leadership of the school is twofold.  Yes, two distinctly different leaders.  You need to realize this, and you need these two leaders to be both in charge, and congruent. The two leaders are Jesus Christ, and your schools Administrator.  Notice I used the word “congruent”, which means “in agreement, corresponding to or consistent with each other or with something else” (Encarta Dictionary).  Consistent agreement between the Administrator and with Jesus Christ is imperative, and consistent agreement “with something else” is with Gods Word, and the style and personality of Jesus.   So grab a hold of that concept firmly; which again is that your leadership style and personality, is also the style and personality of your school, is consistent with the style and personality of Jesus Christ.


Question: What words can you think of that describe the leadership style in your school?


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