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My Wife and I are beginning the process of choosing a Christian college for our Daughter to attend. She was not interested at first, but is now starting to warm up to the idea.  Teens seem to not do a whole lot of thinking about the distant future, even though she is in the 11th grade, and college decisions are not too distant.  That is one of the reasons parents should still be heavily involved in nurturing their teen. Anyway…

The internet is a wonderful thing in this regard because you can visit the web site of any college or university and get a real understanding of what is important at that college, albeit a polished “spic and span” view, but nonetheless, great information.  Not only can you view the academic offerings, you can see extra curricular activities, financial information, and great photos and possibly videos of the college.  One of the first things I do is check out the “Statement of Faith” (or similar term) of the college. This is their theological beliefs in a concise form. All should have a statement of some sort where their beliefs, those they deem most important and they do not waiver, are stated. It is very clear to me that all schools have spent a lot of time working on this statement, and I applaud that.

Just as Christian colleges, and most churches, Christian grade schools should also have a readily accessible “Statement of Faith” on the school web site, bulletin board, and/or school policy manual handed out to enrollees and their parents.  What should it contain?  That is up to you to decide because it is your statement, so I will not list specific elements or ingredients that should be in your statement of faith. Coming up with your own is a process that you must go through.  It involves prayer, Bible study, and seeking biblical counsel.  The process of developing your statement will define your school, and your school will be defined by your statement. Once you have it in place, I ask that you refer to it often, memorize it, have it be on the tip of your tongue as Peter required of us in 1 Peter 3:15.


Question: What comments have you received about your school’s Statement of Faith?


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