Confident, Courageous, and Strong Students

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In the first chapter of the book of Joshua, when God was preparing him to take over for Moses, God told Joshua several times to “be strong and of good courage”.  Joshua 1:5-9 should be on a plaque on a wall in every Christian school.

To be an effective Christian, we must be strong and of good courage.  To also be confident in what we know to be true, especially concerning Gods truth. We must have enough biblical knowledge to know how to respond to virtually any issue that comes our way, whether that be attacks, or opportunities to evangelize.  Remember the analogy I mentioned in a previous post (about recognizing attacks of the enemy) where bank tellers recognize counterfeit money by studying real money?  Similarly, if Christian schools (and all of us Christians) insist on studying the Bible intently and with purpose, then the fake gospels, counterfeit religions, or even suspect comments that come along will instantly be recognized. Then strong, confident, courageous persons can point them out, and warn others, or defend their position of Gods truth.

We must make sure our students have a well rounded knowledge of scholastic subjects to be confident and courageous in various endeavors.  An effective Christian school prepares their students to be strong and of good courage, and to confidently stand up to errors and attacks. Strength and courage is something that many people have to work at.  As mentioned previously, students can learn these from preparing and giving speeches, school debate events, and other presentations to gain practice, and gain confidence.  One thing to remember, and to exhort students to remember, is that strength and confidence also comes from Jesus through the Holy Spirit.  He will come along side of them, and hold them up, giving them words, thoughts, and courage at the appropriate time according to His will.  In John 14 and 15, Jesus said he would give us a “helper”, literally someone to help prop us up when we need, and that is the Holy Spirit.

Strong, courageous people are few and far between any more. My parents’ generation seemed to have many more of that type of people than my generation, and now our kids’ generation seems to have even less.  We have become too self-centered, too attached to comfort, to lazy, too video game enthralled, too centered on self gratification and entertainment, too afraid of effort, too afraid of confrontation, and too afraid to offend people. No one cares to want to make a difference or take a stand.  Their “yes” has become “maybe”, and their “no” has become “I dunno”.  Parents and Teachers…please fix that!

A sound Christian school will graduate people that are confident, strong, courageous, godly people that will make a difference, and will take a stand for God when needed.  A person, as Jesus said in Matthew 5, whose yes is yes, and no is no.


Question: What examples can you share of courageous, confident, strong students?


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